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Nuco Nutrition has partnered with Back to Basics – Nutrition to provide our Zambian and Democratic Republic of Congo clients, industrial and retail, with products “Proven in the Workplace”.
This brings together the complementary products Dixie, Supa Shake and Supa Energy drinks, coupled with the recognised sales and service provided by Nuco Nutrition in distributing food packs to mining and industrial clients.

Through our product range, we have effectively limited the effects of fatigue, such as dehydration and loss of concentration, which results in incidents and accidents.The carefully designed Nuco fatigue packs also increase health, sustainable energy [Low GI], and productivity. Making supplementation a Good Business Decision.

We specialise in great tasting products developed by Dieticians and Food Scientists, manufactured in hygienic factories, proudly in excess of 15 million packs have been distributed over 5 years without issues.

A range of nutritious and delicious products for industry and retail.

nutritional supplements for industry

Mining / Industrial

For a presentation that could change your business

  • Better productivity
  • Taking the hassle out of nutritional supplementation distribution
  • Information to the workforce,

Providing researched products proven in the workplace. Leaving you to concentrate on your core business.


We have a whole host of new retail innovations to discuss with you.

Our range of delicious Hot Chocolate, nutrient rich meal supplement Supa Shake and Supa Energy drinks satisfy the customers need for guaranteed quality and taste ensuring they become an in demand product range.


We can assist you with in-depth articles or discussions on good nutrition, its place in the workplace, at home at school and in the sporting world.

Our qualified Dieticians are available to consult as the source of professional information for your listeners and/or readers.

Dixie Hot Chocolate

Dixie Hot Chocolate

Dixie Hot Chocolate offers a smooth creamy chocolate taste and a slightly sweeter experience, made with only hot water. DIXIE Drinking Chocolate is enjoyed warm or cold and has a mellow cocoa taste all day long. Dixie can be enjoyed by the whole family and will quickly become the favourite.

DIXIE Drinking Chocolate facts :

  • Tested in accordance with SANAS accredited test models.
  • Only natural ingredients
  • No preservatives added
  • Cocoa from West Africa, Sugar from Zambia , Milk from Australia.
  • used in the catering industry in Zambia for more than 20 years.
  • Dixie Drinking Chocolate is a “Truly Zambian” product


  • Dixie is a source of protein and help with muscle repair.
  • Boost the bodies calcium level and Vitamin D intake.
  • Dixie Drinking Chocolate is great source of energy.

Fatigue packs by Nuco Nutrition


Low GI Nutritional Supplements Tested and Proven in the Workplace – Helping Fight Fatigue

Nuco Nutrition with Back to Basics nutrition provides nutritional supplements that are the result of 20 years research and service to the mining industry. They are nutritionally balanced and have a tested and proven taste acceptance across all cultures.

Back to Basics supplements offer the advantage of sustained energy release over a period of 4 to 5 hours against traditional supplements that are sugar based [High GI] and which provide energy for approximately only one hour, followed by a feeling of exhaustion and hunger.

Our supplements are also convenient and easy to carry and consume on the job, encourage fluid intake and one product suits all! Safe for all ages, healthy or suffering from an existing Lifestyle health condition, as well as being safe for gluten and lactose intolerant workers.
nuco nutrition fatigue pack
nutritional supplements

Nutritious and Delicious!

Electrolytes to combat heat stress, Extra Vitamin C to boost the immune system, rich in essential Calcium, minerals and vitamins, provides lasting energy, lactose and preservative free and best of all Safe for all and delicious.


Fatigue is physical exhaustion – brain fog, burnout.

A low GI meal replacement shake keeps you focussed.

With productivity being the essential business requirement the advantage provided by our Low GI supplements is critical.

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Nuco Nutrition and Back to Basics Nutrition working together to bring you the best in nutritional supplements for you and your workforce.

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